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The Night of the Wasps

The Night of the Wasps follows the life of Nazae Porter, a boy who lives in the projects of Hartford, Connecticut. Since leaving New Haven to live with his alcoholic foster mother, Nazae no longer thinks magic can exist outside the pages of his favorite comic book. After all, he's the only kid at Weaver High who'd rather read the latest issue of Black Knight than play a game of basketball, and is reminded of that on a daily basis by his arch enemy, Cody Solomon.

After being suspended from school for fighting and discovering that his foster sister, Rayla, has been kidnapped, Nazae travels to Castillar, a suburban town on the outskirts of Hartford. Here, he learns that a colony of wasps reside in the forest behind the former mayor's house and are somehow connected to Rayla's disappearance. Teaming up with a guild of unexpected allies that include Grey, the niece of a storefront psychic, and Zachary, a nerdy albino obsessed with unraveling mysteries, Nazae must learn the truth behind the town's tragic past if he wants to find his sister. Only then may he discover what it means to be a hero and the magic that lies within the heart of a foster child.